Tender Funerals | Port Kembla, NSW

Dignity, choice and support

Tender Funerals is a community run social enterprise that aims to foster an informed, community empowered, and supported offering for all aspects of end of life.

Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

‘‘The free flowing communication between the three organisations, and Sefa’s willingness to share its insights on financials, streamlined the Foundation’s processes and opened the door for collaboration in our newest strategic program — impact investment.”

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Jenny Briscoe-Hough had an idea to adopt a social enterprise business model to provide affordable and culturally sensitive funerals to avoid exclusion from a basic human right; to be buried with dignity. Tender aims to foster an informed, community empowered, and supported offering for all aspects of end of life.

In August 2014, Tender was featured in an ABC television documentary and the idea gathered momentum. The start-up received overwhelming support via a crowdfunding campaign, then the second largest in Australia.

To complete the puzzle, it became important for Tender to find mission-aligned partners that could fill the gap to support its start-up phase.

Sefa's support ↓

A loan from Sefa assisted with the purchase of an old fire station, and a grant from Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation enabled the conversion of the building into a mortuary. Sefa also supported Tender in validating their business plan and financial model that led to a sustainable funding solution.

Impact achieved ↓

Tender has since facilitated over 250 funerals, allowing family members to make choices aligned to their beliefs and budgets. 24 volunteers assist with daily operations, demonstrating strong community support and the value placed upon Tender’s services.

Tender’s vision is to reach a diverse range of cultures and beliefs, with a focus on working with disadvantaged and Indigenous community members. Tender is currently looking to scale and replicate their successful social enterprise model in other locations.

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