Team Sefa are avid tea drinkers, each with a strong case of wanderlust. We balance our weekly team training sessions with a healthy love of chocolate. Above all, we're united in our commitment to bringing great social enterprises to fruition. Won't you join us?


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Alastair McGibbon
Chief Executive Officer

About Alastair ↓

Alastair was previously a career banker, including 10 years at National Australia Bank as Head of Banks. He also helped develop the Australian Kangaroo Bond market in London (but we're not sure what this means!). At Sefa, Alastair enables relationships to achieve financial security, growth and social impact. In 2011 he spent six months in the Northern Territory, visiting remote Indigenous communities and producing the documentary ‘Northern Lights: A season with NT Thunder’. He volunteers with disadvantaged groups, with a particular focus on the homeless.


Linda Carseldine
Chief Operating Officer

About Linda ↓

Linda’s previous role may have been Asia Pacific VP Finance and CFO for a global tech firm (CGI group) but she is also the kindest powerhouse of a human being. With a commerce-law degree, CPA and AICD qualifications – Linda is perfectly placed to tackle Sefa's operations. She started the social justice group at her local parish, with a focus on supporting refugees and the homeless. In her (small windows of) spare time, Linda loves to read and is partial to the odd karaoke night out with friends.


Hanna Ebeling
Chief Investment Officer

About Hanna ↓

Hanna has done far too much to cram into this bio — perhaps it’s her German efficiency. From traditional banking with HSBC to impact investment in the Philippines, Hanna brings a global practice lens to Sefa as Chief Investment Officer. She is on the board of Woodville Alliance, and works with the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership to improve collaboration between government, private sector, and philanthropy. At home you’ll find her preparing dehydrated meals for her next bushwalk or studying for her Australian citizenship test.


Miranda Lee
Senior Relationship Manager

About Miranda ↓

A commodities and financial markets expert with 10 years’ experience at Macquarie, Miranda leapt into social finance in 2016. Giving up her high-flying ways (goodbye New York & London) to focus on crisis accommodation, employment and training deals, Miranda is the only team member able to resist chocolate (the rest of us don’t understand!!). Miranda has been a Kickstarter mentor and volunteered for Wedu Global and the Big Buddy Reading Program. Her adventurous side has seen her survive a blizzard in Iceland, Hurricane Sandy in NYC, a dog bite in Thailand, and all possible permutations of embarrassing ski lift exits.


Wendy Chan
Senior Relationship Manager

About Wendy ↓

Wendy's enthusiasm for learning has seen her carve out roles in pharmacy, commerce, banking and social finance. With a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact, Wendy has scaled peaks in Patagonia, inhabited yurts in Mongolia and tackled finance impact models on home soil. Once Wendy spent six months as an intraprenuer in an Indian NGO which included a Medical Yatra to remote villages. When she's not at her desk or off adventuring, you’ll find her sampling delicious foods, snapping artistic photos as she goes.


Mia Lumb
Communications Manager

About Mia ↓

Mia spent seven years at the ABC honing her marketing and communications skills. She has also consulted for Natural History Museum London and Centennial Parklands. Her interest in social impact was sparked with roles at AEGN and First Australians Capital, and led her to Sefa. Mia has a commitment to living sustainably and is qualified to teach yoga for addiction recovery. When she’s not hanging out with her two high-energy sons, you’ll find her on the yoga mat or in nature — getting zen again.


Sefa Partnerships supports disadvantaged communities, working with purpose-driven ventures on blended finance and capacity building.


David Rickards
Executive, Co-Founder

About David ↓

An engineer, a researcher, an expert on global equities and capital markets, a farmer... it’s easier to just say ‘David’. Former Head of Research at Macquarie and accidental social entrepreneur, David co-founded Sefa in 2011 to support the growth of social impact investment in Australia. The least ‘retired’ person we know, when not engaged in community education, the environment sector or social innovation you will find him working on his farm or planting trees. Just don’t get him started on the lack of rain!


Hannah Miller
Capacity Building Program Manager

About Hannah ↓

Since 2015, Hannah has generated support for over 100 Australian early-stage social ventures. Through her work with the School for Social Entrepreneurs and now Sefa Partnerships, Hannah works towards ways to un-silo capital and capability for the growth of social enterprise. With a (charming) tendency to think out loud, Hannah believes in changing the relationship between community and money, to better support an inclusive economy for all. To recharge she travels, resulting in the occasional smug OOO telling you she is somewhere exotic like Borneo, Mexico or Provence.

We balance our personal training sessions with our love of chocolate. But the office chocolate drawer has a thief and we think we know who it is...

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