We offer investment opportunities to mobilise social impact capital through three primary avenues. By investing with us, you will receive a strong social benefit in addition to a financial return.


Invest directly with Sefa Core ↓

We offer wholesale impact investors the opportunity to invest debt or equity into our funding pool. We then use this funding pool to provide Sefa Core loans to a wide range of purpose-driven organisations for diversification of risk and impact.

Blended deals with Sefa Collaborative ↓

We invite government, philanthropy and foundations to provide strategic grants to purpose-driven organisations that can't afford a loan for their entire financial needs. We leverage your grant dollar with our loan products.

Co-investment with Sefa Participation ↓

We enable impact investors to provide a direct loan alongside Sefa, for targeted return and impact. We originate, structure and monitor these larger finance solutions to help successful purpose-driven organisations grow.


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