Nightingale Housing spreads its wings

The co-housing development “Nightingale on Florence” supported by a Sefa Loan Syndicate is well under way. The builder Project Group has finished putting the slab in place and the first stories are going up in Brunswick, opposite The Commons, winner of multiple sustainability awards.

Nightingale on Florence will bring together 24 first-home buyers who have been actively participating in the design and development process. Sefa has brought together a group of like-minded social investors to provide construction finance: Social Ventures Australia, Christian Super and two private family foundations.

This pilot is the first of several projects licensed and overseen by Nightingale Housing, a recently established not-for-profit that seeks to promote a new way of delivering multi-residential housing across Australia.

Nightingale developments advocate:

(1) Affordability,

(2) Transparency,

(3) Sustainability – Nightingale on Florence will operate fossil fuel free with a 7.5 energy star rating,

(4) Deliberative design involving homeowners and,

(5) Fostering urban communities.

We were very proud to hear that Nightingale Housing won the People’s Choice Award at the Invest.Fest pitch night organised by Social Traders as part of the Australian Social Enterprise Awards.

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