Access funding

We offer tailored financial solutions to purpose-driven organisations in Australia. We lend to for profit organisations as well as NFPs and charities. We’ll help you understand and assess possible finance solutions for your organisation, and find the right investors to back you. We also offer fee-based investment readiness and due diligence services.


Types of loans ↓

Sefa will work with you to determine what loan type will work best. We lend responsibly and will make sure you only borrow what you can realistically repay. Our funding solutions range from $200k to $10m.

Sefa Collaborative: For organisations who run a social business with limited capacity to repay a loan. We partner with foundations, philanthropists and government.

Sefa Core: For purpose-driven organisations with an existing track record. We take into account the organisation’s ability to repay a loan.

Sefa Participation: We enable thriving purpose-driven organisations to scale, working with other impact investors to provide a larger loan.

Investment Readiness ↓

We can help make your organisation ‘investment ready’ and maximise your chances of securing the funding your projects need to thrive. We'll work with you to develop your financial model, funding structures, and impact measurement framework.

How we work with you ↓

1. Contact us with some background information (e.g. business plan, historic/projected financials).

2. We’ll advise if this fits within our eligibility criteria (both financial and impact) and, if so, arrange a more detailed discussion.

3. We will take a proposed loan structure to our Credit Committee and provide you with some indicative terms and feedback.

4. We do our in-depth due diligence to better to understand your organisation and plans.

5. We take a credit proposal to our Credit Committee for formal approval. If approved, we provide you with a letter of offer.

6. You accept the letter of offer and pay a loan establishment fee to cover our due diligence costs.

7. Loan documents are prepared by our lawyers for your review and signing.

8. You fulfil all agreed conditions and we disburse the funds to you.

Who can apply? ↓

Sefa supports Australian organisations that deliver measurable social impact. Our current clients include crisis accommodation, disability services, affordable housing, community enterprises, indigenous enterprises, and education bodies.


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